Diversity and Inclusion Workshops

Take it to the Next Level

Whether in the C-suite, the Board Room or the Court Room, Azon will take you and your organization to the next level. With unprecedented experience working with many different cultures and various organizations, Azon’s ability to create relationships and discussions around the most delicate topics is unmatched. Azon will be open, practical and real.


"Creating High Impact Teams: Working Across Differences"

"Understanding the Role of Sponsorship in Advancing Diverse Talent"

"Community Dialogues: Addressing Race, Religion and Implicit Bias"


Val Jensen's unique background as an attorney, community leader, professor, executive coach and career counselor, gives her the skills to empower anyone to reach for their highest potential. When you leave one of Val's talks or consultations, you leave energized and asking the right questions! Find out more by going here.